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March 19, 2008
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Don't you hate it by Sizab Don't you hate it by Sizab
-when you're foot falls alseep?

The lineart bugs me, it looks....lesser for some reason. D:

Still love the idea though.
I feel your weird tingly annoying sensations Yellow.

Yellow and art (c) *Sizab
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xD Bahaha his expression is rich! It's like: Groooan!
Wake up you lazy bum of a foot!
Nice strong lines on Yellow's face though.
Sizab Mar 21, 2008  Student Filmographer
XD Glad it amused ya!
I vote we soak it with a squirt bottle.
Thank you! :)
One time both my feet fell asleep. I literally couldn't feel anything past my ankles. Somehow I manged to walk without falling over :)
Sizab Mar 20, 2008  Student Filmographer
Wow, that sounds.....fizzy-tickly. xD
AlfaFilly Mar 19, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XD I hate that! Like a thousand knives digging into your flesh when you try to wake it up DX< Or... is that just me? >.>;;

Oh noes! The foot is having Z's coming outta it! D8> That's a sign of infection right there! Yellow better get to a doctor quick before someone goes all PIMP on it!

I think the lineart looks awesomely smooth! And the sun... I want that sun to be my pal...
Sizab Mar 20, 2008  Student Filmographer
xDD Don't worry, that's me too.

Oh gawds, Yellow has.....Zfootosis! DDDDDD8> IS THERE A DOCTOR ONLINE?!

XD Why the heck does it bug me?! Blargh, I must be having OCD art delusions. xDDD
Fun to have around until you need to sleep.
Then you tell the sun GTFO. D:<
ArenWolfDemon Mar 19, 2008  Student Digital Artist
Guh! I hate it when that happens to me too! xD But I love and hate the tickleness it gives me when it starts to wake up! xD
Poor Yellow!
And hey! I love the Lineart! Something about it that's all, cool! x3 I really love how Yellow's face came out! xD His face is where the lineart is so smooth! I just wanna rub my hans all over his face!
And the sleeping foot is interesting! I like how you express da sleeping foot!
I know Yellow's an it, but it's nicer to say he thank it! xD
Sizab Mar 19, 2008  Student Filmographer
xD I love/hate the tickliness the most because I have to run around because it bugs me so much!
xD Dude, the lineart totally doesn't bother me anymore....I have no idea what was bothering me, but it's gone now. Weeeiiiird.
Awwww, yay, thank you! I love how his face came out too! x3
xDDDD I don't know whether or not Yellow would love the attention or be freaked out....probably both!
Thank you, glad you like it! =D
Indeed! x3 He's so cute!
Yes. I hate it with the passion of 56 burning suns! I love how you made the leg all squiggly and sad looking.
Sizab Mar 19, 2008  Student Filmographer
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